Pathway to Sustainability Leadership: Incubation, Transformation, and Mobilization

In this report the members of the Campus Sustainability Task Force outlined five elements that make up the Pathway to Sustainability Leadership by MIT. These elements seek to deepen and build upon an already activated foundation of climate and sustainability leadership in a manner that matches the complexity and magnitude of the challenge at hand

  1. An exemplar that incorporates sustainability considerations into campus infrastructure, operations, student life, and daily decisions.

  2. A model of organizational transformation for sustainability leadership.

  3. A generator of meaningful new sustainability ideas and research, building on our history and current capacity for contributing solutions toward vital global needs and priorities.

  4. An innovator of deep educational experiences for the diverse communities on campus and beyond.

  5. A thoughtful partner to the local and global communities in which we operate, a clearinghouse of good ideas, and a mobilizer of actors who can implement sustainability solutions.