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Plastic bottles bad, reusable bottles good

There’s one shopping choice that you make before you even enter the grocery store: to bring a bag, or not to bring a bag?

Navigating the food landscape during the COVID-19 pandemic can be filled with stress, joy, and new opportunities for learning about what makes our food systems sustainable and resilient.

How do you get your morning coffee? Sometimes the options for brewing a cup of joe seem endless.  

Knowing what and what not to recycle can be confusing for anyone.

When I started the MIT Sloan MBA program in the fall of 2017, I promised myself that I would be an active member not just of the Sloan community but of the MIT community as a w

W98 switches out coffee pods, collects compostables and more

Rachel Perlman, MITOS student fellow, sits down to discuss her materials flow analysis, why she digs up data from dormitory trash, and how to make connections as a student researcher. 

MIT’s success as a living lab for campus sustainability depends upon our willingness to imagine.