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Anna Kwon and Nicole Doering are the first undergraduate students to receive Jane Matlaw Environmental Champion Awards.

Keen to accelerate the adoption of nuclear energy, Isabel Naranjo De Candido works to make small, modular reactors efficient throughout their lifecycle.

2023 Global Change Outlook from the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change quantifies benefits of policies that cap global warming at 1.5 C.

Professor Benedetto Marelli develops silk-based technologies with uses “from lab to fork,” including helping crops grow and preserving perishable foods.

An accordion-textured clay called smectite efficiently traps organic carbon and could help buffer global warming over millions of years.

Fall 2023 Wulff Lecture speaker Sossina Haile ’86, PhD ’92 uses ammonia and a “superprotonic” material for efficient and eco-friendly energy generation.

Passionate about materials science “from the atom to the system,” Elsa Olivetti brings a holistic approach to sustainability to her teaching, research, and coalition-building.

A recent forum was the first in a series planned at MIT this year, part of an initiative meant to encourage the open exchange of ideas.

At the 2023 Clean Energy Education and Empowerment symposium, participants emphasize working together to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.