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              Under its “Fast Forward” climate action plan, MIT has set a goal of eliminating direct emissions from its campus by 2050 and a near-term milestone of achieving net-zero emissions by 2026.              Image: Gretchen Ertl
Image: Gretchen Ertl

More than $1 million in funding available to selected Solver teams and fellows.

MIT students studying advanced product design explored sustainable chair manufacturing and showed their work in a community exhibition space in Venice, California.

Researchers urge industry and the research community to explore electrification pathways to reduce chemical industry emissions.

Fadel Adib uses wireless technologies to sense the world in new ways, taking aim at sweeping problems such as food insecurity, climate change, and access to health care.

Miho Mazereeuw, an architect of built and natural environments, looks for new ways to get people ready for natural disasters.

Study shows that if autonomous vehicles are widely adopted, hardware efficiency will need to advance rapidly to keep computing-related emissions in check.

New research quantifies how much very hot temperatures restrict outdoor activity in China.

Using sand and rock, MIT senior Aviva Intveld tells stories of ancient climates.

Engineers designed a tool that enables faster measurements of the condition of some nuclear reactor components, potentially extending their lifetimes.