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“The Freezer Challenge not only encouraged our lab to perform freezer maintenance and inventorying, but also provoked a collaborative effort with neighboring labs that resulted in the adoption of new freezer management practices within ou...
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Research from the Dinca and Hart labs, paired with Lamborghini’s “hypercar” concept, will result in the Terzo Millenio, an electric sports car for the third millennium.

With its best showing yet in a three-year history, the MIT Energy Hackathon fostered innovation with technological advancement from students around the world.

MIT researchers are working with the Mexican government on carbon pricing options to meet the country’s climate goals under the Paris Agreement.

Study finds state’s annual risk of extreme rainfall will rise from 1 to 18 percent.

Susan Solomon's John H. Carlson Lecture examines past environmental challenges in the context of today's fight against climate change.

MIT Energy Initiative Director Robert Armstrong shares perspectives on past successes and ongoing and future energy projects at the Institute.

Terrascope—one of MIT’s freshman learning communities—addresses a different sustainability challenge each year from interdisciplinary perspectives.

At MIT event, experts call for a new approach to worst-case scenarios.

A multidisciplinary team of MIT students and postdocs wins an international competition focused on building sustainably on Mars.