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A solar farm in North Carolina using the same type of solar panels Summit Farms will use.Image: Joe Higgins
Image: Joe Higgins

Climate data analyst Thomas Karl describes global temperature and precipitation measurement and interpretation in the 16th Henry W. Kendall Memorial Lecture.

Climate change could lead to overall increase in river flow, but more droughts and floods, study shows.

A new study details why it’s prudent to invest in carbon-free electricity now.

New design cuts costs, energy needs for drip irrigation, bringing the systems within reach for more farmers.

Solution developed at MIT could stop buildup of hydrate ices that slow or block oil and gas flow.

ENN Group, one of China’s largest private energy companies, will join MITEI’s Center for Energy Storage Research.

“Mobility of the Future” study examines how developments in technology, fuel, infrastructure, policy, and consumer preference will drive transportation changes.

With support from the Toyota Research Institute, MIT faculty will focus on next-generation energy storage.

MIT energy and climate thought leaders play integral part in discussions at CERAWeek 2017.