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Julie Newman, Ph.D., Director of the MIT Office of Sustainability.Image: Dominick Reuter
Image: Dominick Reuter

Researchers and experts attend African Sustainable Development Conference at MIT.

Long-term melting may lead to release of huge volumes of cold, fresh water into the North Atlantic, impacting global climate.

Researchers from across MIT showcase J-WAFS-funded projects tackling critical water and food systems challenges from solutions-oriented perspectives.

Indonesian company will support research through MITEI’s Low-Carbon Energy Center for Materials in Energy and Extreme Environments.

Matt Ellis PhD ’17 and Sam Shaner SM ’14, PhD ’18 launch a startup to develop an advanced nuclear reactor design.

Taking a page from green plants, new polymer “grows” through a chemical reaction with carbon dioxide.

MIT report highlights challenges and opportunities for conserving natural resources and stabilizing the climate.

Prizes went to solutions for improving water filtration systems, metal fatigue resistance, and boron production.

Student researchers lend voices, ideas for exploring nuclear energy’s potential to address climate change, and describe insights gained from the experience.