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              MIT has reduced campus emissions by 24 percent over the past five years.

MIT-Denmark launches Green Campus Challenge to imagine a new, sustainable campus, with international collaboration at the center.

Research is part of a $25 million effort to generate evidence on the real-world effectiveness of policies and programs at the intersection of poverty and climate change.

National Academies study says fusion can help decarbonize US energy, calls for public-private approach to pilot plant operation by 2035-40.

A strong evidence base is key for informing environmental and climate policy, says the MIT assistant professor.

With deep roots at MIT, the startup change:WATER Labs has created a toilet that treats waste without water or power.

Daniel Korsun’s undergraduate career at MIT prepared him to look more deeply into fusion magnet technology and design.

MIT junior faculty explore new research directions and achieve powerful career advancement enabled by J-WAFS’ mission-driven grant program focused on water and food solutions.

Team brings diverse backgrounds and expertise to address technology and policy challenges for the clean energy transition.

New Vassar and the Graduate Tower at Site 4 provide additional housing options on campus, with another new residence in planning and improvements to Burton Conner underway.