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“The Freezer Challenge not only encouraged our lab to perform freezer maintenance and inventorying, but also provoked a collaborative effort with neighboring labs that resulted in the adoption of new freezer management practices within ou...
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In MIT’s Compton Lecture, former U.S. energy secretary speaks on global security risks.

MIT researchers supported by J-WAFS present results of their work on food and water security.

Climate scientist describes physics behind expected increase in storm strength due to climate change.

By 2100, oceans may hold enough carbon to launch mass extermination of species in future millennia.

Researchers working to address concrete durability get a close look at the impacts of a chemical reaction known to cause structural problems.

Harry Brekelmans says Shell has significant commitment to renewable energy, carbon pricing.

Ancient technology could be used to level electricity prices for renewables.

Colorado forest study provides clearest-ever picture of gases released into the atmosphere and how they change.

Stranded in Houston by hurricane floodwaters, an MIT assistant professor sees firsthand how design and policy decisions affected the storm’s impact.