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“The Freezer Challenge not only encouraged our lab to perform freezer maintenance and inventorying, but also provoked a collaborative effort with neighboring labs that resulted in the adoption of new freezer management practices within ou...
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Approach developed at MIT could help curb needless “flaring” of potent greenhouse gas.

Surprisingly, pressurization isn’t to blame for fouling of membranes, study finds.

Teams developing materials solutions for ships and buildings split second and third prizes.

Rise of electric vehicles and grid storage may cause bottlenecks, but no showstoppers, analysis suggests.

“Air-breathing” battery can store electricity for months, for about a fifth the cost of current technologies.

Materials Processing Center, Center for Materials Science and Engineering merger brings together formidable resources for advancing next-generation materials.

MISTI media contest showcases MIT students working to build a better world.

Insight into cement’s microscopic properties may lead to stronger, more sustainable concrete.

Michael Bloomberg will deliver keynote address.