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The results suggest that climate may influence seismic activity.

Jonathan Bessette and Akash Ball have been named 2024-25 J-WAFS Fellows for water treatment technologies.

In his new role, the professor of chemical engineering plans to speed up the consensus process among academics, business leaders, and policymakers for a successful energy transition.

With laser-based precision tools for measuring and tuning materials, MIT spinout Optigon aims to rev up the energy transition.

The conversation in Kresge Auditorium touched on the promise and perils of the rapidly evolving technology.

The MIT EC^3 Hub, an outgrowth of the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub, will develop multifunctional concrete applications for infrastructure.

Together, the Hasso Plattner Institute and MIT are working toward novel solutions to the world’s problems as part of the Designing for Sustainability research program.

A lauded professor, theoretical physicist, and fusion scientist, Loureiro is keenly positioned to advance the center’s research and education goals.

The Institute’s “mind and hand” ethos has found a home in the United Arab Emirates.