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Panelists discuss projects that use MIT as a test bed: (l-r) Associate Professor Kripa Varanasi; Institute for Data, Systems, and Society PhD Student Rachel Perlman; Office of Development, Health and Safety Associate Director Pamela Greenley; an...
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MIT Media Lab summer event explores responsible dissent, embodied in its new Disobedience Award.

MIT emeritus professor, designer, and inventor, is set to release the fourth edition of his popular book, "Bicycling Science," known as the "bike bible."

Theoretical chemist Troy Van Voorhis probes big energy-related questions, scrutinizing electrons and chemical bonds to improve sustainable energy solutions.

A 50-year dry spell has reversed, with more rain to come.

Graduate student Alpha Arsano wants to bring natural ventilation to the forefront of modern architecture.

MIT Office of Sustainability announces awards to multi-departmental projects that test management, design, and operations solutions on campus.

Professor of atmospheric chemistry honored for her contributions to atmospheric science.

MIT Energy Initiative Director of Research Francis O’Sullivan reflects on current trends in the utility industry, as well as potential solutions to current challenges.

By 2050, the Southwest will produce significantly less cotton and forage, researchers report.