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Panelists discuss projects that use MIT as a test bed: (l-r) Associate Professor Kripa Varanasi; Institute for Data, Systems, and Society PhD Student Rachel Perlman; Office of Development, Health and Safety Associate Director Pamela Greenley; an...
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MISTI interns and MIT faculty tackle rising sea level challenges at Italian research camp this summer.

Successful programs aren’t limited to well-off towns with strong environmental movements.

One drought remedy: Keep infrastructure fast, cheap, and under control.

MIT Green Labs’ first-ever Freezer Challenge encourages energy conservation through better freezer and sample storage practices.

Startup is meeting global environmental needs by changing the way power plants use water.

Construction expected to begin this month.

Without action, climate change could devastate a region home to one-fifth of humanity, study finds.

Study ties specific interval during an extended period of volcanism to Earth’s most severe mass extinction.

Researchers develop a novel technique using graphene to create solar cells they can mount on surfaces ranging from glass to plastic to paper and tape.