MIT Food & Sustainability Working Group Report

In October 2017, the MIT Food & Sustainability Working Group set out to have a conversation about the MIT food system—one that bridged the areas of food insecurity, student and retail dining, campus construction, education, culture, and technology. This report is the result of this conversation and details five key recommendations for the MIT campus, developed by the Working Group. The recommendations are:

1. Access and Empowerment: Ensure access to affordable, sustainable, and culturally meaningful food and empower consumers to make informed choices.

2. Shared Standards for Vendors: Manage vendor relationships related to the procurement, preparation, and disposal of food (and materials and services) according to shared environmental, economic, and socially just standards.

3. Comprehensive Waste Reduction: Develop and implement comprehensive waste reduction strategies within the MIT food system.

4. Vibrant Indoor and Outdoor Spaces: Design, maintain, and connect vibrant indoor and outdoor spaces on campus that foster strong social connections and incorporate localized production of food.

5. Innovation and Experimentation: Harness the Institute’s power of innovation and experimentation to create a model campus food system of the future.