Past MITOS Student Researchers

Academic Year 2023-2024
Photo of Ippolyti
Ippolyti Dellatolas
Climate Action Researcher

Ippolyti is a graduate student in the MIT Mechanical Engineering department whose research aims at understanding and preventing the uneven flow that occurs when rain infiltrates hydrophobic soils vertically. Such uneven flow impedes water retention, optimal filtering of chemicals and can trigger catastrophic landslides. Outside of the lab, she is involved in environmental initiatives across the MIT campus, through the MIT Water Club, GSC Sustain and the MIT Office of Sustainability. Having joined MITOS in summer 2021, Ippolyti performs energy modeling and cost-benefit analyses to provide recommendations for emissions reduction in lab spaces at MIT.

Photo of Jie
Jie Fan
Climate Change Data Analyst

Jie is a candidate pursuing the Master of Science in Architecture Studies and Urbanism program at MIT. Her current focus lies in the realm of urban data, where we can push the boundaries of urban development by leveraging data insights to create spaces that resonate with people. Algorithms such as machine learning and artificial intelligence can be adapted to explore urban patterns and envision a future that prioritizes inclusivity and sustainability. Meanwhile, this topic extends beyond technology, encompassing perspectives of anthropology and sociology. She joined MITOS in the summer of 2023, supporting the data analysis of Scope 3. 

Headshot of Rebecca
Rebecca Houston-Read
MIT Campus Heat Risk Analyst

Rebecca is a Master in City Planning Student at MIT. Her research interests include environmental justice, social equity, and community-engaged research. Since 2019, she has been a researcher on MIT’s Healthy Neighborhoods Study, where she collaborates with academic and community partners to study the relationship between health and neighborhood change. Rebecca also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Wesleyan University.

Headshot of Sanjana in front of a window
Sanjana Paul
Campus Heat Risk Researcher

Sanjana is a Master of City Planning candidate in MIT's Department of Urban Studies and Planning, focusing on environmental policy and planning. She holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and physics and is the executive director and co-founder of Earth Hacks, an environmental hackathon organization. Her work at MITOS focuses on distribution and risks from localized extreme heat.

Headshot of Erika Pilpre next to a column
Erika Pilpre
Sustainable Food and Dining

Erika is a current junior undergraduate at MIT studying Computer Science and Economics. Her passions lie in the intersection of food, sustainability, and technology. At MIT, she’s been involved in FoodTech@MIT and Startlabs. She has previously interned at Impossible Foods and Climax Foods, where she ran sensory experiments. Outside of school, Erika loves to listen to podcasts, experiment with new flavors in the kitchen, and explore whichever city she is in! 

Summer 2023

  • Manasa Acharya, Harvard MA 2023 - Environmental Justice

  • Cheng-Hsin Chan, SMArchS 2024 - Climate Resiliency and Adaptation Planning

  • Nathan Kim, MIT 2026 - Design out Waste

  • Njeri, MIT 2024 - Carbon Offset

Academic Year 2022-2023

  • Yihong Amy Chen, MIT 2026 - Climate Communications, Design

  • Thea Feldgoise, Tufts 2024 - Sustainable Building Materials

  • Ana Fiallo, MS MIT 2024 - Scope 3 GHG Analyst

  • Janka Hamori, MIT 2025 - Climate Action - Waste

  • Mahwish Khalil, SMArchS 2024 - Climate Action

  • Katelyn McVay, MSP 2024 MIT - Campus Heat Risk

  • Dhwani Mehta, MSP 2024 MIT - Climate Action

  • Shanan Kumar Powell, MBA MIT 2023 - Climate Action

  • Pimpakarn Rattanathumawat (Prim), MS 2023 - Climate Communications, Design

  • Maaya Prasad, MS 2024 MIT - Climate Communications, Writing

  • Melissa Stok, MIT 2024 - Design out Waste

Academic Year 2021-2022

  • Anushree Chaudhuri, MIT 2024 - Climate Change Scope 3

  • Vivian Chinoda, MIT 2025 - Electric Vehicle

  • Ippolyti Dellatolas, MIT 2024, MA - Climate Action

  • Doris Qingyi Duanmu, SMarchS MIT 2023 - Electric Vehicle

  • David Gottdiener, MS MIT 2023 - Climate Impact Goals

  • Anna Lander, SB 22, MIT - Sustainability Data Analytics

  • Sheng-Hung Lee, MS MIT 2022 - Safe and Sustainable Labs

  • Danielle Moore, MSP 2023 MIT - Campus Environmental Justice

  • Pimpakarn Rattanathumawat - MS 2023, MIT - Climate Resiliency

  • Shu-Yang Zhang, MIT 2024 - Electric Vehicle

  • Ziyuan Zhu - MS 2022 - Circular Design

Sustainability Fellows 2016 to 2021

Summer 2021

  • Darya Guettler, SB, MIT - Climate Change Scope 3

  • Asia Hypsher, SB, MIT - Campus Environmental Justice

  • Eva Then, SB, MIT - Climate Resiliency

Academic Year 2020-2021

  • Grace Cassidy, MEng, MIT - Sustainability Reporting

  • Darya Guettler, SB, MIT - Climate Change Scope 3

  • Asia Hypsher, SB, MIT - Campus Environmental Justice

  • Piero Orderique, MIT 2024 - Climate Resiliency

  • Isy Osubor, SB, MIT - Writing and Digital Engagement

  • Diane Zhang, MIT 2023 - Data-Driven Sustainability Reporting

Academic Year 2019-2020

  • Diego Castillo Peredo, MCP, MIT - Climate Resiliency

  • Effie Jia, SB, MIT - Design and Digital Outreach

  • Joseph Elsherbini, PhD, MIT - Data Analytics

  • Julia Field, MCP, MIT - Carbon Neutrality - South America

  • Shail Joshi, MCP, MIT - Water Stewardship

  • Katherine Liew, SM, MIT - Writing, Design, and Digital Engagement

  • Yael Nidam, MCP, MIT - Climate Resiliency

  • Taylor Safrit, SM, MIT - Data Analytics

  • Mary Hannah Smith, MCP, MIT - Climate Change Resiliency

  • Tianyu Su, MCP, MIT - Data Analytics Transportation

Summer 2019

  • Joseph Elsherbini, PhD, MIT - Data Analytics

  • Emma Homstad, Tufts - Sustainable Procurement

  • Effie Jia, SB, MIT - Design and Digital Outreach

  • Kashaf Nawal Momin, Georgetown - Food Systems

  • Yael Nidam, MCP, MIT - Climate Resiliency

  • Tianyu Su, MCP, MIT - Data Analytics Transportation

Academic Year 2018-2019

  • Audrey Bazerghi, SM and MBA, MIT - Sustainability Leadership Fellow

  • Sabira Lakhani, SM, MIT - Materials Management

  • Theresa Machemer, SB, MIT - Writing and Digital Outreach Fellow

  • Soma Mitra-Behura, SB, MIT - Urban Farm and Garden

  • Jasmine Qin, SM, MIT - Climate Resiliency

  • Yue Wu, SM, MIT - Analytics and Visualization – Material Matters

Summer 2018

  • Julian Victor Barber SMME, MIT - Energy Analytics

  • Karine Ip Kiun Chong, PhD, MIT - Analytics and Visualization

  • Harry Kelso, Whitman College - Urban Living Lab

  • Skylar Lewis, Dartmouth - Sustainable Materials Management

  • Soma Mitra-Behura, SB, MIT - Urban Farm and Garden

  • Rachel Moskowitz, Smith - Climate Change Resiliency

  • Sunil Yernagula, UConn - Analytics and Visualization

Academic Year 2017-2018

  • Effie Jia, SB, MIT - Communications, Design, and Digital Strategy

  • Yimou (Andrew) Li, MSF, MIT - Analytics and Visualization

  • Cristina Logg, MCP, MIT - Sustainable Procurement

  • Rachel Perlman, PhD, MIT - Sustainable Materials Management

  • Faina Rozental, MBA, MIT - Climate change Resiliency

Summer 2017

  • Nehal Davda, UConn - Analytics and Visualization

  • Brent Ginsberg, NYU - Climate Change Resiliency

  • Cristina Logg, MCP, MIT - Sustainable Procurement

  • Rachel Perlman, PhD, MIT - Sustainable Materials Management

  • Frankie Schembri, SM, MIT - Communications, Design, and Outreach

  • Sebastian Torrente, Tufts - Urban Living Lab

Academic Year 2016-2017

  • Dora Aldama, MBA and SM, MIT - Sustainable Procurement

  • Zachary Lamb, PhD, MIT - Climate Change Resiliency

  • Louis Liss, MCP, MIT - Cambridge Community Innovation

  • Elizabeth Rider, SB, MIT - Analytics and Visualization

Summer 2016

  • Hannah Jun, Smith - Technical Research

  • Erin Kenney, MCP, MIT - Technical Research

  • Xiao (Frank) Li, Bentley - Data and Metrics

  • Catherine Nabukalu, UPenn - Food Systems

  • Kimberly Meersma, Mt. Holyoke - Writing and Engagement