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MIT is on the path to achieve at least a 32 percent reduction in campus emissions of greenhouse gases by the year 2030.

Christopher Knittel and Francis O'Sullivan, co-directors of the MITEI Low-Carbon Energy Center for Electric Power Systems Research, are exploring cleaner, more reliable, and more cost-effective…

Panel at MIT explores benefits, costs, and political challenges.

CSAIL system uses custom ink and ultraviolet light to repeatedly change an object's color.

MIT researchers are optimizing nanostructures for energy devices such as solar cells.

Graduate student Tianli Zhou works to make transportation systems more efficient.

MIT Professor Kerry Emanuel explains the science behind climate change, as well as the associated risks and how to quantify them.

Professor of atmospheric chemistry honored for her contributions to atmospheric science.

New analytical method addressing the dynamic nature of the petroleum industry could enable more accurate energy scenarios.

This spring, the MIT School of Science welcomes three new professors in the departments of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, and Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences.