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“The Freezer Challenge not only encouraged our lab to perform freezer maintenance and inventorying, but also provoked a collaborative effort with neighboring labs that resulted in the adoption of new freezer management practices within ou...
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Colorado forest study provides clearest-ever picture of gases released into the atmosphere and how they change.

Stranded in Houston by hurricane floodwaters, an MIT assistant professor sees firsthand how design and policy decisions affected the storm’s impact.

Estimate will help gauge hang time of greenhouse gases, water vapor, and ozone in upper atmosphere.

MISTI interns and MIT faculty tackle rising sea level challenges at Italian research camp this summer.

Successful programs aren’t limited to well-off towns with strong environmental movements.

One drought remedy: Keep infrastructure fast, cheap, and under control.

Startup is meeting global environmental needs by changing the way power plants use water.

Construction expected to begin this month.

Without action, climate change could devastate a region home to one-fifth of humanity, study finds.