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A solar farm in North Carolina using the same type of solar panels Summit Farms will use.Image: Joe Higgins
Image: Joe Higgins

MIT alumna, Robert Wilhelm Fellow, and former Mexican government official discusses opportunities and challenges of recent reforms.

Fresh from three years as U.S. Energy Secretary, Moniz returns to his roots at MIT.

Over the next century, southern Africa will see widespread decreases in maize production.

Smart flavored-beverage machines are persuading consumers nationwide to ditch their plastic bottles.

Inexpensive, reliable, and forgettable storage systems could enable boom in renewables, say speakers at MIT Energy Conference.

Turbulence from seafloor topography may explain longstanding question about ocean circulation.

Countries hit hardest by automaker’s emissions scandal include Germany, Poland, France, and Czech Republic.

A recent meeting on the MIT campus laid the foundation for better coordination of global research relating to cement and sustainability.

MIT students and community members go on the hunt for natural gas leaks.