World Real Estate Forum

The post-pandemic real estate industry is experiencing a transformation on an unprecedented scale.  The MIT Center for Real Estate—on its 40th anniversary—is convening its 2024 World Real Estate Forum in June to offer perspective, insight, and direction for practitioners in addressing challenges and implementing innovations. The CRE has assembled a unique combination of industry leaders, innovators, and world-renowned researchers to examine topics that present real solutions to an entire industry:

Key Topics:

  • Adapting to Remote Work: Explore the financial implications of vacated office spaces and the profound impact of a remote workforce on real estate.
  • Affordable Housing: Dive into the urgent need for financially and socially responsible affordable housing solutions, crucial in today's changing socioeconomic landscape.
  • Imagining new public/private partnerships in urban development: Exploring new models at the intersection of traditionally public realms of influence with private efficiency and capital. 
  • Integrating sustainability goals with real estate: Regulations and social norms are evolving, requiring competitive businesses to incorporate sustainability goals throughout their practice and corporate culture. Learn from industry innovators, government leaders and knowledge experts how centering sustainability can enhance your bottom line and outcomes for the world.
  • Designing a Unicorn: How do planners and investors create the conditions for successful Innovation Hubs, particularly in locations that do not already have anchor institutions? Can economic, spatial, and social benefits from successful hubs be shared with a wider community?


Why Attend?

  • Lively and informative discussions between industry thought leaders on topics impacting global real estate - today and into the future.
  • Meet industry leaders, distinguished MIT faculty and researchers, developers and investors, technologists and founders, network in a beautiful venue overlooking the Charles River.
  • A unique opportunity to learn about MIT’s latest, most exciting research on real estate innovation, technology, and the future of global real estate.

Join us at the MIT 2024 World Real Estate Forum—where perspectives collide, solutions emerge, and the future of real estate is reimagined.  Be a part of this transformative journey!