PSFC Seminar: S. Krasheninnikov

Abstract: In this talk, I present the results of our recent works on the simulations of edge plasma particle and impurity transport. They cover the first of its kind: i) Self-consistent plasma-wall interactions during ELMs performed with the UEDGE-FACE coupled packages. These simulations describe hydrogenic plasma expulsion from the pedestal and transport to the wall with the UEDGE code, whereas hydrogen particle implantation into plasma-facing material, hydrogen trapping and detrapping are described with the FACE code. ii) Anomalous impurity transport in multispecies edge plasma within the framework of the extended Hasegawa-Wakatany model. This model shows some unexpected findings of the magnitudes of anomalous transport coefficients of different impurity species and a strong accumulation/depletion of impurity density in long-living spots of plasma vorticity.

Bio: Education: graduated with honor from Fiz-Tech, Moscow, Russia; received the PhD and Doctor of Science Degrees from Kurchatov Institute, Moscow. Employment: junior - senior scientist at Kurchatov Institute, Moscow, Russia; Invited Scientist at Centre Canadien de Fusion Magnetique, Varennes, Canada; Visiting - Senior Scientist at MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center; Professor at University California San Diego, La Jolla. Distinctions: Fellow of the American Physical Society, recipient of the Alfven Prize from the European Physical Society.