MIT iEcosystem Symposium

Hosted by: MIT Innovation Initiative, MIT Lab for Innovation Science and Policy & MIT Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program 

MIT iEcosystem Symposium
October 12 – 13, 2017 
Tech Square @ MIT

The MIT Innovation Ecosystem (iEcosystem) Symposium will bring a global community of practitioners from industry, risk capital, startups, academia, and government, together with thought leaders and scholars to explore the implementation of novel models, programs, and initiatives that enhance economic growth and social progress in innovation ecosystems.

The goal of the symposium is to learn from both successes and failures and to maximize collective impact in research and practice, exploring “what’s best” today and “what’s next” on the frontier. The overarching emphasis will be on the models, programs, and initiatives that develop, drive, and inform innovation ecosystems and the roles multi-stakeholder leadership plays in advancing them both individually and collectively.

  • Immersed in the Ecosystem. Home to MIT labs, makerspaces, and industry alike, the symposium will be held in the heart of Tech Square, an innovation ecosystem it aims to foster.

  • Broad Base of Inputs. Through a call for concepts soliciting novels models from around the world, the symposium tracks will be defined by the submissions received and will draw from them to coalesce and disseminate best practices and new ideas.

  • Desired Outcomes. The symposium aims to compile a resource regarding the inputs, outputs, and impacts of effective I&E models, programs, and initiatives, making available the top 30 concept papers describing novel, action-oriented programs (including their design, implementation challenges and metrics for evaluation), and identifying concrete, new focus areas for future research.

The time is right to share our learnings, build community, and explore what the future of innovation ecosystem models might look like. Join us to participate in the discussion.