Exhibition Opening - Unboxed City: critical explorations of ai and cities

"Unboxed City: critical explorations of [ai] and cities" invites visitors to consider the balance between technology and the inclusion of humans in the development of cities. It invites us to think about how AI can be integrated with human intelligence to create urban spaces that are not only technologically planned but also inclusive and reflective of communities’ heritage, cultures, and aspirations.

Panelists for the March 8th Opening at 5pm include:

Sarah Williams - Associate Professor of Technology and Urban Planning + Director of the Civic Data Design Lab and the Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism 

Santiago ‘Santi’ Garces - Chief Information Officer for the City of Boston 

Andres Sevstuk - Associate Professor of Urban Science and Planning; Director of City Form Lab 

Caitlin Mueller - Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Associate Professor of Architecture; Director of Digital Structures 

Huma Gupta - Aga Khan Assistant Professor in Islamic Architecture at MIT 

Catherine D'Ignazio - Associate Professor of Urban Science and Planning and Director of Data + Feminism Lab