Cancelled: Building a mega-scale solar project for MIT

Kenny Habul
Kenny Habul
CEO SunEnergy1

CEO of one of the leading commercial solar energy companies in the US and developer of Summit Farms, the MIT solar array in NC, Kenny is a passionate advocate for sustainable construction practices.

Solar farm reduces MIT’s carbon emissions

As recently reported, more than 600 acres of solar panels have been successfully installed and connected on land in North Carolina and are delivering power into the nation’s grid, thanks to a power purchase agreement (PPA) with MIT and two other Boston-based organizations.

The installation will not only offset a substantial portion of the Institute’s greenhouse gas emissions but also enable an exceptional level of real-time data collection that could enhance research and education on the design and operation of solar facilities.

After many months of study, consultation, and negotiation, the solar farm of 255,000 panels — called Summit Farms — was built, tested, and delivered less than six months after the PPA was signed, creating more than 1,000 jobs at the site during the process. In the process, it is producing clean, renewable energy that is equivalent to 40 percent of MIT’s total campus electricity use.

Kenny Habul will share his passion for stimulating commercial commitment to solar energy, and his goal to inspire future generations to add sustainable solutions to our energy infrastructure.

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