Atmospheric Water Harvesting Speaker Session

 Join us in exploring groundbreaking innovations in materials and devices aimed at sustainable atmospheric water harvesting, currently underway at MIT’s Device Research Laboratory. 

What is the true value of water? How do prices vary globally, and how can policy reforms diversify our water sources to ensure a sustainable future? Delve into these critical questions with our guest speaker, Ines Stroschein, as she shares insights from her work on developing the “True Cost of Water.” This initiative, a collaborative effort with TAQA (a leading energy company) and Drop, seeks to redefine our understanding of water's value and its impact on our world.

Dr. Joseph P Mooney 
Carlos D. Diaz Marin
Chad T. Wilson
Ines Strohschein - Vice President, Water Network and Developments, TAQA, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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