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              Energy efficiency efforts aim for an estimated 35 percent reduction of energy use for MIT Building 46.              Image courtesy of the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences.
Image courtesy of the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences.

Through a speaker series and activities in the Concourse learning community, the project's leaders aim to promote the value of open discussion on campus.

Udall Foundation Scholarship honors public service commitment to environmental issues.

A variety of recent events highlighted efforts by faculty, staff, and students to make a difference today.

Associate Professor Jinhua Zhao studies how and why people move, and designs multi-modal mobility systems.

MIT Mobility Forum considers whether startups can provide the infrastructure for electric vehicles, or if more automakers must step in.

Assistant Professor César Terrer and recent visiting student Stephen Bell describe how agricultural lands that are no longer productive could play an important role in carbon sequestration.

Fifteen principal investigators from across MIT will conduct early work to solve issues ranging from water contamination to aquaculture monitoring and management.

Over 300 social impact leaders from around the world convened on MIT’s campus to discuss global challenges and how to solve them together.

At MIT, the Massachusetts state senator describes the commonwealth’s progress on tackling global warming, remains optimistic despite short-term delays.