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Student-led startups Symbrosia and SiPure each awarded a $14,000 grand prize.

A new method identifies opportunities to learn and adapt to changing temperature and precipitation trends.

The following letter was sent to the MIT community on April 23 by President L. Rafael Reif

To the members of the MIT community,

Raffaele Ferrari honored with School of Science Ally of Nature Fund Award.

CSAIL’s "RoCycle" system uses in-hand sensors to detect if an object is paper, metal or plastic.

In MIT talk, Lord Nicholas Stern calls the next 20 years “absolutely defining” for society.

New method for synthesizing the epoxides found in plastics, textiles, and pharmaceuticals could be powered by electricity.

Long-haul trucks with electric motors combined with gas-alcohol engines could slash pollution levels and greenhouse gases.

An affordable, easy-to-use handheld sensor, soon to enter the market, can indicate the presence of bacterial contaminants in food in seconds.