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In a new book, Professor Susan Solomon uses previous environmental successes as a source of hope and guidance for mitigating climate change.

The challenge asked teams to develop AI algorithms to track and predict satellites’ patterns of life in orbit using passively collected data

Ammonia could be a nearly carbon-free maritime fuel, but without new emissions regulations, its impact on air quality could significantly impact human health.

New findings challenge current thinking on the ocean’s role in storing carbon.

Developed by MIT RAISE, the Day of AI curriculum empowers K-12 students to collaborate on local and global challenges using AI.

A national bottle deposit fee could make a dramatic difference in reducing plastic waste, MIT researchers report.

MIT spinout SiTration looks to disrupt industries with a revolutionary process for recovering and extracting critical materials.

Films produced by MIT Video Productions and the Department of Mechanical Engineering highlight some of MIT’s global conversations about the environment and climate change.

VEIR, founded by alumnus Tim Heidel, has developed technology that can move more power over long distances, with the same footprint as traditional lines.