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How can an institution like MIT grow, and simultaneously work to lessen its greenhouse gas emissions and contributions to climate change?Photo: Maia Weinstock
Photo: Maia Weinstock

Committing to aggressive conservation efforts could rebuild ocean habitats and species populations in a few decades.

Concrete is the world’s most consumed construction material. Yet there’s a lot the public doesn’t know about it or its environmental impact.

MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub researchers are investigating how the layouts, or textures, of cities influence extreme weather events.

MIT senior Michelle Kornberg uses her background in mechanical and ocean engineering to track how climate change has impacted underwater environments.

MIT researchers describe factors governing how oceans and atmospheres move heat around on Earth and other planetary bodies.

Recovering and safely destroying the sources of these chemicals could speed ozone recovery and reduce climate change.

A five-story mixed-use structure in Roxbury represents a new kind of net-zero-energy building, made from wood.

With support from renewable energy sources, the MIT research scientist says, we can consider hydrogen fuel as a tool for decarbonization.

Speakers at MIT climate symposium outline the steps needed to achieve global carbon neutrality by midcentury.