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Professor of biology and chemistry is catalyzing new approaches in research and education to meet the climate challenge.

The incubator’s winding journey to success helped its startup community grow closer while addressing environmental challenges.

MIT PhD and MBA students proposed a winning solution for sustainable food and apparel packaging.

J-WAFS announces graduate fellowships for Sahil Shah and Peter Godart, both of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Study shows minerals sequester carbon for thousands of years, which may explain oxygen’s abundance in the atmosphere.

Michael Bloomberg announces new Beyond Carbon initiative in his Commencement address.

Entrepreneur, philanthropist announces new climate initiative, says climate crisis "is unlike any other ever faced by humankind."

Streamlined system for creating and analyzing perovskite compounds may cut development time from 20 years to two.

Nine principal investigators from MIT will receive grants totaling over $1 million for solutions-oriented research into global food and water challenges.