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The Hive Garden, a first-of-its-kind pollinator garden at MIT, recently opened on Saxon Lawn.Photo: Effie Jia
Photo: Effie Jia

Study tracks pollution from state to state in the 48 contiguous United States.

Three-day hackathon explores methods for making artificial intelligence faster and more sustainable.

Starting with higher-value niche markets and then expanding could help perovskite-based solar panels become competitive with silicon.

Researchers are devising new methods of synthesizing chemicals used in goods from clothing, detergents, and antifreeze to pharmaceuticals and plastics.

CSHub researchers have developed a pavement maintenance model that considers future uncertainties to improve performance and lower cost.

Fikile Brushett and his team are designing electrochemical technology to secure the planet’s energy future.

Device developed within the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering has the potential to replace damaged organs with lab-grown ones.

“Go Beyond” Award celebrates commitment to excellence in efficiency and sustainability.

Solar panel costs have dropped lately, but slimming down silicon wafers could lead to even lower costs and faster industry expansion.