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The Institute’s “mind and hand” ethos has found a home in the United Arab Emirates.

MIT spinout 247Solar is building high-temperature concentrated solar power systems that use overnight thermal energy storage to provide power and heat.

TorNet, a public artificial intelligence dataset, could help models reveal when and why tornadoes form, improving forecasters' ability to issue warnings.

Chosen from 16 finalist teams, the MIT-led projects will investigate quantum topological materials and sustainable microchip production.

MIT economics doctoral student Anna Russo studies how to improve the design, function, and outcomes of public policies.

The grants fund studies of clean hydrogen production, fetal health-sensing fabric, basalt architecture, and shark-based ocean monitoring.

MIT researchers are developing a system for reducing emissions of the potent greenhouse gas at dairy farms and other sites.

PhD candidate Emma Bullock studies the local and global impacts of changing mineral levels in Arctic groundwater.

MIT Sea Grant students apply machine learning to support local aquaculture hatcheries.