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How Buddhist teachings about mindfulness can help us care for ourselves and the environment

A typical day starts with prioritizing my to-do list. On any given day, I work on multiple projects with multiple objectives.

This past November, an international team of ocean scientists set sail from Alaska with a mission to better understand water and sediment processes in the western Arctic.

Mahwish is a SMArchS AKPIA candidate at MIT School of Architecture and Planning.

Janka Hamori is a driven and passionate sophomore studying computer science and economics, with a minor in sustainability.

MITOS is working to promote environmental justice, equity, and belonging at all levels of our work, in

In late November, students from the Asian American Initiative (who sparked the idea of a farm visit), the Department of Anthropology, Terrascope, and Office of Multicultural Programs joined an even

Materials management is a key—though sometimes overlooked—tool in the fight against climate change and is a key  ingredient for a sustainable campus. Materials are central to waste (and the…

The landscape of MIT has transformed tremendously in recent years. Multiple surface parking lots and service alleys have been turned into active and sustainable open spaces.