Collaborative Climate Action Program @ MIT 

Summer 2024 Program for Staff

Every day, people in our community are taking part in climate action on campus. The Collaborative Climate Action Program helps MIT staff members share tips and work together to make a bigger impact in reducing our environmental footprint.

Here’s what the program includes:

startup Icon 1128942 Attend the June 13th Kick Off in person. Expand your network by connecting with other MIT staff who want to make our workplaces more sustainable, celebrate the end of the school year and get energized for the summer.
mail sent Icon 6645721 Receive a weekly email focused on one action you can take to make your workplace more sustainable and reduce MIT’s climate impact.
message Icon 6788404 Ask questions and share tips using the MIT Collaborative Climate Action Program Slack Workplace:
Attend the weekly community check-in to connect with other MIT staff in similar roles who are taking steps to make offices, departments, labs, and centers across campus more sustainable. Share promising practices, ideas, challenges, and progress. Bring any questions for staff from the Office of Sustainability.

What topics will be covered? Recycling, waste reduction, reuse, the food-climate connection, purchasing, engaging others in climate action, and more ways you can make your workplace at MIT more sustainable.

Email with questions!


Past Collaborative Climate Action Program @ MIT Action Emails


Create a Local Plan

Fast Forward: MIT's Climate Action Plan for the Decade encourages all departments, labs, and centers to prepare and implement their own carbon footprint reduction and sustainability plans. 

Many units are already taking meaningful action on climate and sustainability. This program is designed to support, amplify, and provide context for those efforts. For units at early stages in the planning process, this program offers guidance and a framework for identifying goals, strategies, and actions aligned with MIT’s commitments, and paths to achieving them. As we implement this program and assess how it is working, we expect to learn from each other and uncover new ideas. 

Planning Resources
Planning Framework: Six Steps to Creating a Local Plan
Template for Local Action Plan
Worksheet for Action
Template for Tracking Progress

Campus partnerships and strategic collaborations

When climate scientists, transportation experts, and researchers work with staff and the broader community – each bringing their own backgrounds and expertise – new ideas emerge and have the momentum to succeed. From the Undergraduate Association’s Committee on Sustainability to the Working Green Committee, such campus partnerships and strategic collaborations inspire and inform MIT’s efforts to create a more sustainable campus.

In addition to facilitating working groups and task forces, MITOS also organizes events like the annual Sustainability Connect meeting, which convenes MIT committees, groups, and thinkers involved in creating next generation campus sustainability programs.  Learn more below.

Get involved in a sustainability group on campus

There are plenty of opportunities to learn and get involved. Start by joining a group.

MIT staff for sustainability.

Undergraduate Association’s (UA) Committee on Sustainability

MIT Graduate Student Council Sustainability Subcommittee

MIT Sloan School of Management Sustainability Summit - an annual student-run conference

MIT student-run Energy Club

MIT Food and Agriculture Club

MIT student-run Water Club

MIT Sloan Net Impact Chapter

Sloan Entrepreneurs for International Development (SEID)

MIT Sloan School of Management Policy Forum

MIT Energy Club at Sloan School of Management

Outdoor recreation club for students, staff, alumni, and faculty from MIT and greater academic community

A Network of Campus Partners

The following groups and departments are just a sampling of the campus departments and initiatives that partner on sustainability.

Environmental Solutions Initiative

MIT Energy Initiative

Sloan School of Management Sustainability Initiative

Climate CoLab part of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence

Department of Urban Studies and Planning

Concrete Sustainability Hub in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

City Science Group, MIT Media Lab

D-Lab, MIT Edgerton Center

Joint Program on Science and Policy of Global Change

MIT CoLab, Department of Urban Studies and Planning

MIT Sustainable Design Lab–Building Technology Program, Department of Architecture

Transportation at MIT