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              PhD student Katarina Boukin and junior Eva Then were instrumental to the Porosity Hunt, capturing data around campus and synthesizing it for future use.               Photo: Ken Strzepek
Photo: Ken Strzepek

PhD candidate Charlene Xia is developing a low-cost system to monitor the microbiome of seaweed farms and identify diseases before they spread.

MIT-led team finds holistic optimization of electric power and hydrogen supply chain infrastructure is favorable for emission reductions and decreased infrastructure costs.

As climate change brings greater threats to coastal ecosystems, new research can help planners leverage the wave-damping benefits of marsh plants.

Substantive community benefits, strong equity and inclusion practices, and ample public open space garner city and community support for MIT’s master plan.

Modeling tool showcases emerging MIT Joint Program research focus on multi-sector dynamics.

An international development practitioner, academic researcher, and social entrepreneur, Pantelic will help guide D-Lab into its third decade.

Preparing for a career advancing the science and policy of climate issues, junior Ryan Conti focuses on math, computer science, and the philosophy of language.

Current and former MIT researchers find novel tools can improve the sustainability of road networks on a limited budget.

The researchers hope scientists and regulators will consider a broader class of compounds in evaluating cancer risk due to PAH exposure.