Urban Environmental Justice Conference

The conference will serve to bring awareness to the impact of environmental injustice, even in our local community, and to highlight the importance of collaborative works to bring forth solutions to complicated environmental injustice issues by learning different perspectives and initiatives from various stakeholders such as community organizations, policymakers, and researchers. Through this approach, we will focus on community-relevant issues surrounding environmental injustice and provide an example of how Harvard graduate students from all schools can work synergistically to foster communication and collaboration across disciplines that work directly or indirectly on areas related to urban environmental injustice. 

The focus of the conference is on community-relevant issues surrounding the theme of urban environmental injustice, particularly the issue of public space. Topics that would be covered include access to space redevelopment and health impacts around physical activity, mental health, and safety of redeveloped space. With this conference we hope to create a platform for discussing solutions with interactions among students and different expertise and local community leaders from a multidisciplinary lens.

The intended audience includes students from all disciplines from Harvard as well as neighboring universities and members of the local community.