Smart Oceans 2020

This virtual conference, sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and co-organized by PIs Fadel Adib (MIT Media Lab) and Seth Zippel (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution), will bring together ocean researchers and practitioners with computer scientists and engineers, as well as stakeholders from industry, foundations, and public policy. It aims to highlight the biggest challenges facing the ocean and brainstorm the next major innovations in ocean science + technology needed to accelerate the field forward. 

The success of this Convergence Accelerator workshop may lead to a significant investment from the National Science Foundation for ocean research and innovation. Past topics have received investments of more than $50M thus far.    

If you’re interested in oceans, please join us October 5-9. We welcome stakeholders from oceanography, climate + environmental sustainability, computing, marine biology + ecology, geopolitics, and defense.

Together, we will explore ongoing challenges and emerging opportunities in ocean innovation, exploration, and utilization.