Greening the City: A virtual Bazaar of Ideas

Students in the MIT Terrascope class "Design for Complex Environmental Issues" present innovations to promote biodiversity and urban greenery.

Designs include:

  • Adapting ancient evaporative-cooling technology for modern-day pocket parks in areas subject to severe heat events due to climate change
  • Developing an interactive exhibit about how Cambridge's urban forest/tree canopy provides infrastructure-like functions
  • Creating ways to integrate the Hive pollinator garden (located next to Walker Memorial) more closely into the MIT community
  • Designing an outdoor classroom for a small plot of land with an ancient history



  • 7-8 P.M.: Teams present their designs and answer questions from the general public. (Teams will present simultaneously in different virtual locations; each team will present twice, once beginning at 7:05 and again beginning at 7:30.)
  • 8-9:45 P.M.: Teams present their ideas to a panel of experts and answer the experts' questions. The public is welcome to watch, and if time is available may have the opportunity to ask questions as well.  (Teams will present sequentially, one beginning at 8:05, another at 8:30, the third at 8:55 and the fourth at 9:20.)


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