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Reusing at MIT

Reusing is a large part of the MIT culture and community, and it is a key part of MIT's materials management strategy. Whether its carrying around a reusable water bottle or participating in reuse events on campus, there are many ways for community members to take part in reuse.

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Discover new and used resources available now through Rheaply’s AxM platform

Rheaply and MIT have partnered to bring Rheaply’s award winning Asset Exchange Manager (AxM) to campus. Rheaply is a free to use marketplace that identifies available resources for reuse across different departments on campus. Finding local resources helps you save money and protects the environment, which makes MIT a more collaborative, resilient, and sustainable campus.

See Rheaply In Action: Rheaply Walkthrough Video .

Rheaply is open to MIT community members with a Kerberos account. You can list surplus equipment and offer it to the wider community as well as post requests for specific equipment and supplies you need for your lab, center, or department. You can also personalize your Rheaply homepage to filter items of interest and receive notifications when new items are posted.

rheaply statsHow you can use Rheaply as...

A lab manager

  • Use Rheaply to make the most out of your budget and cut down on excess ordering of lab 

    materials by starting your procurement process with Rheaply

A graduate student

  • Use Rheaply to find lab equipment, reagents, consumables, and supplies from other departments at MIT to use for a research project

A staff member

  • Use Rheaply to manage the removal of unwanted furniture, lab equipment, or materials that previously might have been removed of in ways that are misaligned with MIT’s sustainability goals.

Visit and use your Kerberos to login to list items and find what you need while supporting a circular economy at MIT and beyond. Rheaply is now also accessible through the Coupa Supplier Portal .

Want to know more about the impact and approach of Rheaply? Explore a case study by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. 

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The mission of the MIT Working Green Committee is to develop and deliver programs that educate administrative and support staff about sustainability with a focus on recycling, reducing, and reusing goods. The Committee identifies and addresses gaps in staff understanding about working and living sustainably, and promotes the reuse revolution on campus. The Working Green Committee is a subcommittee of the Working Group on Support Staff Issues.

Sustainability Reusable Bottle Pledge: Click here

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