The Campus Resiliency Crawl

In collaboration with Terrascope instructors and teaching assistants, the Office of Sustainability created a new mini-field study program, the Climate Resiliency Crawl, which was designed to integrate emerging resiliency frameworks within the context of curriculum, and to gain an better understanding of  student perspectives as related to climate resiliency and flood vulnerability issues.
Terrascope is a first year learning community at MIT that takes on a new mission each . For the 2017/18 Academic year, students confronted the challenge of adapting to the impacts of climate change over the next 50 years. (

Climate Resiliency Crawl


At the heart of the Climate Resiliency Crawl is a series of tours led by practitioners to engage students in assessing the risks and opportunities. The program also included interactive discussions, data sharing and reflection activities. Students explore resiliency issues throughout the semester and shared their recommendations as part of a presentation opened to the general public. A link to the student’s research may be found here.
The Climate Resiliency Crawl was also featured in the Vice Chancellor’s Newsletter  
and in the Office of Sustainability Newsletter


Climate Crawl 1


Climate Crawl 2


Climate Crawl 3