Green Labs

Green Labs

Laboratory spaces are critical to MIT’s research mission, but they are the most resource-intensive spaces on our campus.  The Green Labs program encourages lab groups to propose innovative solutions to reduce energy consumption, water use, waste production and chemical use in labs.

The MIT Green Labs team at MIT is led by the Environment, Health and Safety Office, and includes representatives from MIT Department of Facilities, Office of Sustainability and students. The team elected to use the My Green Labs Assessment Tool in order to run a contest among lab groups on campus. Eight groups participated in the full contest. Labs were challenged to think creatively about opportunities to operate more efficiently and responsibly.

December 2016 marked the conclusion of the first Green Labs contest, in which eight lab groups competed to reduce waste, conserve resources, and operate more efficiently.  The lab groups were recognized for achieving silver, gold or platinum certification using the Green Labs Assessment Tool. Special awards were given to the Brushett Lab (Chemical Engineering) for ‘Most Resources Saved’ and the Wang Lab (Mechanical Engineering) for ‘Most Innovative Idea.’  In total, the participating labs saved over 36,000 gallons of water, 11,000 kWh of electricity and 80 lbs. of CO2.

For more information and updates, visit the Green Labs website.

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