Working Group Recommendations - New Report!

MIT Campus Sustainability Working Group Recommendations: An Integrative Vision for our Buildings, Materials, Stormwater, Landscape and Labs


“We are taking concrete steps to approaching campus operations in new ways so that MIT can evolve as a model for a sustainable campus," Israel Ruiz, Executive Vice President and Treasurer

On November 30, 2015 the MIT Office of Sustainability released the first of a series of reports to lay the foundation for an MIT that re-imagines, invents, and models campus-based solutions to the challenges posed by a changing planet and for a campus that advances MIT’s emergent commitment to climate leadership. Read more from MIT News.

This report is the culmination of a collaborative, multi-departmental working group process that began in September 2014, as four sustainability working groups convened for a ten-month period to recommend solutions on four areas of focus:

  • Sustainable design, construction, and renovation of buildings
  • Green labs
  • Stormwater and landscape management
  • Materials management: procurement and waste management

We are excited to share these strategies with the community, as we now set out to implement these recommendations in the coming years. We thank the many dedicated members of the MIT staff, students, and faculty who contributed to the process.

Over the next five years, MITOS will continue to launch and facilitate a series of working groups and committees tasked with redefining our campus systems to improve performance, reduce environmental and human health impacts, and become the living lab that we seek as a community to create.

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