Sustainability Connect 2018

STARS panel
Sustainbility Connect 2018

Imagine. Incubate. Impact

May 7, 2018, 8:30-2:30pm
Samberg Conference Center, E52, 7th Floor

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2018 Program
Tony Sharon
Welcoming Remarks

Julie Newman, Ph.D., Director, Office of Sustainability
Tony Sharon, Deputy Executive Vice President, Office of the Executive Vice President & Treasurer

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Joi Ito
Keynote Address

Joi Ito, Director, MIT Media Lab

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Christina Lo
Morning Panel: The state of sustainability at MIT

Brian Goldberg and Derek Wietsma, MITOS, in conversation with:

Amanda Graham, Executive Director of Environmental Solutions Initiative
Kate Trimble, Associate Dean, PKG Public Service Center
Christina Lo, Director of Strategic Sourcing and Contracts
Abigail Francis, Assistant Dean of LBGTQ+

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Panel: Solving for Carbon Neutrality at MIT

Professor Tim Gutowski (MechE) and Julie Newman (MITOS) in conversation with:

Mechanical Engineering students, Julien Victor Barber, Caleb Amos Amy, Colin Clancy Kelsall, and Economics student Ignacio Ortega Castineiras

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Incubator Award Speed Talks

Jeremy Gregory, Concrete Sustainability Hub; Randa Ghattas, Department of Facilities; Professor Kripa Varanasi, Mechanical Engineering

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Learn more about the Sustainability Incubator Awards here


Heather Paxson
Lunchtime Keynote: Food & culture

Heather Paxson, MIT Professor of Anthropology

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Sustainability Design Challenges

Participants self-selected into one of three design challenge wo rkshops on the following topics: Food & Sustainability; Campus Water Systems; and Pathway to Sustainability Leadership Implementation.