Presentations -WSSD

WSSD-U-2016 Panel and Parallel Track Presentations
Best Paper Awards

1. Transnational Dialogues for sustainability research in early childhood education: A model for building capacity for ESD in universities? Sherridan Emery, Julie Davis, Jo-anne Ferreira, Barbara Maria Sageidet, University of Tasmania, Queensland University of Technology, Griffith University,Australia

2. Utilising work-integrated learning to enhance student participation and engagement in sustainability issues in open and distance learning Graeme A. Wilson and Rudi W. Pretorius, University of South Africa (Unisa) – South Africa

3. Food (In)Security: Food (In)Security within a University Community: Stories from Students, Staff and Faculty at a Sustainable Institution Annie Booth, University of Northern British Columbia, Canada

Parallel Track Presentations

Track 1: Innovations in Curriculum and Research

1. Glicksman, Leon

2. Greig, Alison

3. Lander, Lorraine

4. Tillmans, Tanja and Holland, Charlotte


Track 2: Collaborative Community Partnerships and Engagement

1. Callewaert, John

2. Careva, Kristina

3. Heilman, Andrea

4. Rasmussen, Susanne

5. Willmore, Chris


Track 3: Sustainable Systems: Design, Build, Operate

1. Anacio, Danesto

2. Baeumer, Thomas

3. Ribeiro, Joao Marcelo Pereira

4. Stough, Talia


Track 4: Comprehensive Approaches to Sustainable Development: Integration of Curriculum, Research, and Operations

1. Amaro, Nelson

2. Finnveden, Goran

3. Ibrahim, Kamarulazizi

4. Karvinen, Meeri

5. Raatikainen, Saana


Track 5: Student Participation and Engagement in Sustainability Issues

1. Ibrahim, Kamarulazizi and Adelyna, Noor

2. Ibrahim, Kamarulazizi and Ng, Theam Foo

3. Kettemann, Rainer

4. Lumbreras, Julio

5. Sundaresan, Shoba and Bavle, Sushama