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Student Sustainability Researchers

Our students develop meaningful work to advance a sustainable campus at MIT and to build their professional experience in institutional transformation. We hire both undergraduate and graduate students to help shape the future of sustainability at MIT and beyond.

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Meet our current student researchers!
Photo of Katerina
Katerina Boukin
Climate Action Researcher

Katya is a PhD student at the “Concrete Sustainability Hub” at the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Her passion lies in structural resiliency of the city scape to flood related natural disasters. Joining MIT office of sustainability in September of 2020 as a climate resiliency modeler and simulator, she is working on developing an improved method to assess, predict and mitigate storm and flood induced hazards. Her research project matches her work at MITOS, combining the projects she is using MIT campus as a test bed in her research work, trying to assess and mitigate natural disaster hazards as well as impacts of climate change on the severity of damages.

headshot of Dylan Cook
Dylan Cook
Sustainability Researcher

Dylan is an incoming sophomore from southern Virginia who has worked at MITOS for a year as a social media assistant, creating content and editing videos for the Instagram and YouTube accounts of MITOS. He is also working on the UA Sustain Garden and MacGregor Minihives. During the school year, he co-produces and broadcasts a WMBR radio show on Tuesdays at 10pm.

Headshot of Sawyer Garrett
Sawyer Garrett
Sustainability Researcher

Sawyer is a rising Junior studying Finance at MIT. Last summer he worked at an Investment banking firm focusing mostly on the tech media industry. His work at MITOS focuses on scope 3 emissions analysis surrounding purchased goods. Sawyer is also a MIT Track and Field team member competing in the pole vault during the academic year.

Headshot of Jordyn Goldson
Jordyn Goldson
Sustainability Researcher

Jordyn is a rising sophomore majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering. She's specifically interested in making cities and their infrastructure more resilient and sustainable. In her first year, she was part of the Terrascope learning community where she learned more about tackling large environmental problems. She has also done previous research on tree canopies over the decades and implementing hydroelectric power into water treatment plants. In her free time she enjoys crocheting and baking.

Headshot of Rudiba Laiba
Rudiba Laiba
Sustainability Researcher

Rudiba is a rising senior majoring in Computer Science and Biology with a Minor in Business Management. She loves taekwondo, baking, trying to new things and anything outdoorsy. She is passionate about sustainability and excited to be part of the MITOS Summer Cohort. 

Headshot of Megan Lim
Megan Lim
Sustainability Researcher

Megan Lim is a MIT 2024 business management graduate. Her interest lies in the innovation to deployment process; understanding the relationship between stakeholders, including educational systems, political systems, and the general public; prioritization, communication, and delegation frameworks; and system change in the context of tackling social issues like climate change. She was chair of the UA Innovation Committee and Logistics Lead for Banana Lounge for the past 3 years, and is working on a geothermal heat pump and thermal storage system project to decarbonize building clusters. At MITOS, she is working on low-to-zero waste strategies and student engagement with climate action.

Headshot of Ananda Santos Figueriedo
Ananda Santos Figueriedo
Sustainability Researcher

Ananda is a rising senior majoring in Climate Systems Science and Engineering. Hailing from northeastern Brazil, she is very passionate about sustainability and the ways in which science can help us improve systems and create a more equitable world. She has previously studied areas such as food systems, carbon markets, and international climate negotiations, and was a Scholar through the MIT Climate and Sustainability Consortium. A first-generation, low-income student, she also loves engaging with student advocacy on campus, and is currently Vice-President for MIT’s Dormitory Council. In her free time, you will often find her geeking out about movies, books, and theater (especially Shakespeare!), or walking around Boston.

Past MITOS Students

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