The theme “Designing Tomorrow’s Campus: Resiliency, Vulnerability, and Adaptation" will unite leading academics from around the globe to collectively advance scalable solutions that have the power to transform communities into more livable and sustainable places, given the urgent challenges of a changing climate. MIT – a thriving innovation ecosystem dedicated to solving critical challenges through science and technology – will serve as the backdrop for three days of interactive sessions and workshops.

As usual, the wide spectrum of sustainability will be covered at the event, whose co-hosts are Dr Julie Newman (MIT Office of Sustainability) and Prof. Walter Leal (HAW Hamburg and Manchester Metropolitan University).

About the WSSD

The World Symposium on Sustainability at Universities series, started at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro in 2012, is the world´s leading series of events specifically focusing on sustainability in a higher education context. The event, held bi-annually, aims to offer a platform via which academic, technical and support staff concerned with sustainability issues at universities may meet, interact and exchanges ideas and information. The event is also aimed at promoting innovative approaches, methods and projects, thus furthering the cause of sustainability at universities. It encompasses, teaching, research, campus greening and extension. WSSD-U-2016 will have up to 200 participants from over 25 countries.

Photos from the event: WSSD-U-2016 Photos

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