Climate Wellbeing

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Exploring Climate Wellbeing

Researchers have documented growing accounts of climate distress and anxiety among educators, staff and students. At MITOS – in partnership with groups like MIT ESI, the Office of Student Wellbeing, and MIT Medical – we are exploring how to address the emotional dimensions to learning, teaching, and acting on climate change at MIT. This spring (for Earth Day 2023), MITOS helped to organize a workshop for the MIT community with a guided meditation led by Cambridge Insight Meditation Center and a discussion with faculty and mental health professionals. A list of resources is below.

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Student Wellbeing - Get Support

At MIT, focusing on your wellbeing by caring for your mind and body, fostering meaningful relationships, and finding purpose will help you to thrive not only in the classroom but in all aspects of your life. Explore resources. 

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Wellbeing Ambassadors

Wellbeing Ambassadors are students who are passionate about promoting a culture where they and their peers can prioritize their wellbeing. The WAs strive to create environments where they and their peers can care for their minds and bodies, build and foster relationships, and clarify a sense of purpose. 

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The Climate Optimist

Climate optimism isn’t about denying what we can see with our own eyes, or ignoring our grief for what we’ve lost. It’s understanding that we know how to prevent things from getting worse and that we’re making progress. Read more. 

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The All We Can Save Project

The mission of the All We Can Save Project is to nurture the leaderful climate community we need for a life-giving future.

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TED Talk: How to Find Joy in Climate Action

Climate Leader Ayana Elizabeth Johnson shares how we can all play a role in the climate movement by tapping into our skills, resources and networks.

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We Were Made for These Times: Ten Lessons on Moving Through Change, Loss, and Disruption

We Were Made for These Times holds an essential teaching and meditation, unfolding a step-by-step process to nurture deeper freedom and stability in daily life. 

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