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During the academic year MIT offers sustainability-related courses in numerous academic departments at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

MIT Course Catalog

  • A comprehensive list of MIT’s course offerings for the semester. Search using keywords “sustainable” or “sustainability.”

Environment & Sustainability Minor

  • The Environment & Sustainability Minor is an undergraduate minor offering interdisciplinary coursework and investigations into the real-world challenges facing people and the planet.

Civil and Environmental Systems Minor

  • This minor is brand new for 2016-2017 and is unique because it combines principles and knowledge from across civil, environmental and systems engineering into a hyper-concentrated study focused on both the built and natural worlds.

Energy Studies Minor

  • The minor prepares graduates with subject-specific knowledge and an integrative understanding of energy issues. Students are offered hands-on subjects and opportunities to engage in the complex reality of energy.

Environmental Engineering Science Minor

  • This Minor makes the popular Traveling Research Environmental Experiences (TREX) fieldwork during the Independent Activities Period (IAP) a program requirement, because field research has proved essential to the CEE educational experience.

Independent Activities Period

  • IAP is a special term at MIT that runs for most of January. It provides members of the MIT community with a unique opportunity to organize, sponsor and participate in a wide variety of activities, including how-to sessions, forums, athletic endeavors, lecture series, films, tours, recitals and contests.

Sloan Sustainability Certificate

  • Open to masters-level students as an add-on to Sloan's existing degree programs, the Certificate enables students to explore management practices that make more effective and sustainable use of natural and human resources, and advance human welfare.

Sloan Sustainability Initiative

  • The Sustainability Initiative at the Sloan School of Management also maintains a list of sustainability-related courses that are within Management (Course 15) and across other departments.


  • In this course offered to freshmen, the class is given an important, complex, real-world problem to solve as a group: their Mission.  Throughout the fall semester, students work together on a plan for solving the problem, ultimately publishing their solution on a comprehensive website.

Toxicology and Environmental Health Minor

  • The core subjects of this minor apply principles of chemistry, biology, and engineering to issues of human health, and provide the student with an in-depth experience in one facet of a paradigm that relates human disease to exposure to chemicals and microorganisms.

Transportation Courses: 

  • The Transportation@MIT initiative knits together the Institute's wide-ranging, robust research related to transpiration and creates new opportunities for education and innovation. The initiative maintains a set of resources for those interested in research and education opportunities.