Sustainability Today: Past & Present

The creation of the Office of Sustainability marks a transformation at MIT – a transformation that will allow the Institute to advance the practice and study of sustainability in a truly integrated systems approach that leverages the global expertise of our faculty, students, staff and diverse academic centers.

The Office of Sustainability plays a very unique role on a campus in that it is charged with integrating the principles of sustainability into all operational functions of the Institute, yet those functions do not report directly to the Office. Our success is based upon a multi-faceted approach, which involves developing an in-depth understanding of how the Institute sets priorities, makes decisions, functions, and evaluates its performance.

Presently, we have outlined our campus portfolio in three sections: Campus Systems, Natural Systems, and Human Health and Well-being in an effort to depict the areas of focus moving forward.   

Explore past progress in the tabs under Sustainability Today, and visit Next Gen Sustainability to learn how MIT will be reimagining and reinventing sustainability on campus.