Living Lab

MIT is committed to transforming the campus into a living laboratory for sustainability innovation - a place where students, faculty, and staff work together to problem-solve through applied research and analysis.  While some projects may lead to actionable solutions to the challenges of sustainability on campus, other research projects could provide insight into economic modeling, organizational behavior and behavior change models. One of the most unique opportunities for research on the MIT campus—which will have global application—is the pending renewal of our campus infrastructure and utilities. 

The Office of Sustainability works closely with our colleagues across campus to assist in identifying opportunities to connect the campus to existing research as well as identify opportunities for new research. 

Current Living Laboratory Opportunities


Fall 2015 Listening Tour
Help us make MIT a place where sustainable solutions come to life

We invite participation in a “Listening Tour” during Fall 2015 and early Spring 2016 to help the Office of Sustainability improve MIT sustainability, and support the launch of a robust urban living laboratory for sustainability at MIT.  

Participate by:

   - Schedule a 1:1 meeting with our office with you, your department, or your group
   - Participate in an Open Meeting for idea generation (Fall Dates coming soon)
   - Other ideas?  We’re all ears – email Sarah Brylinsky, Project Manager for Living Laboratory Programs

We view our campus and educational community as an urban living laboratory for exploration, action, and experimentation.  What projects should we prioritize to model, teach, and demonstrate on campus?  What should the goals of an MIT living laboratory for sustainability be?  What support do you need – as a student, a resident, a researcher, faculty, and staff – to enact your ideas and projects on campus? 

  • How can we improve the sustainability of the MIT campus through applied teaching & research?
  • How could your research or body of expertise on sustainability be brought to scale at MIT?   
  • What would it take to prototype new sustainability innovations on campus?
  • What data sets are in demand?  
  • How can we create shared sustainability goals with our urban partners?