Sustainability: Strategies and Opportunities For Industry - Online Course

Discover the necessary sustainability tools to convert the knowledge acquired from this online program into real, actionable strategies in your own organization. Sustainability: Strategies and Opportunities For Industry starts Sept 21 through Nov 16.

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Participant Takeaways

  • IDENTIFY THE CAUSES AND CATALYSTS of environmental decline that have led to the increased need for global sustainability.
  • UNDERSTAND THE HISTORICAL CONTEXT OF SUSTAINABILITY, as well as its current implications across all industries.
  • EFFECTIVELY ASSIMILATING INFORMATION from a variety of fields related to sustainability.
  • FORMULATE COGENT AND RIGOROUS POSITIONS AND ARGUMENTS in order to make sustainability decisions within your organization.
  • ELABORATE PRAGMATIC STRATEGIES that can be employed across different sectors to bolster sustainability.
  • FORMULATE POLICIES DIRECTED at the promotion of sustainable practices.

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