Education & Research

The Office of Sustainability is poised to play a critical role in educating the next generation of sustainability leaders. The office strives to work closely with academic and administrative departments to develop accessible, relevant approaches to integrating sustainability into the fabric of learning at a 21st century MIT.

Students currently have abundant opportunities to explore core concepts of sustainability inside and outside the classroom with faculty, staff, fellow students, and community members. In the classroom, students can take advantage of a multidisciplinary array of sustainability offerings in topics from sustainable chemical metallurgy to transportation planning. Students can also pursue research opportunities with faculty across MIT’s eclectic, innovative, and well-established research community. To learn more about courses and research initiatives, visit the tabs to the left.

Many courses and research opportunities at MIT also provide students with the chance to learn from the MIT campus itself and the communities nearby.  Extending the boundaries of the traditional classroom to the built environment and natural systems around us allows students to problem solve in real time, develop innovative approaches, and create lasting, beneficial change.  As the Office of Sustainability establishes itself, it strives to further develop the MIT campus as an experimental testing ground for what is possible and as a living demonstration of scalable solutions. To learn more visit the Living Lab tab to the left.