Student Fellows

MITOS Student Fellows

Our students develop meaningful work to advance a sustainable campus at MIT and to build their professional experience in institutional transformation. We hire both undergraduate and graduate students to help shape the future of sustainability at MIT and beyond.

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Dora Aldama
Sustainable Procurement Fellow

Dora joined the Office of Sustainability in January 2016 to act as a liaison between MITOS and MIT’s Office of Procurement.  She is currently researching sustainable procurement practices across academia and industry, and will be responsible for developing a methodology of incorporating new sustainable practices within the procurement process.  

After several years working in industry as an aerospace engineer, Dora returned to MIT to pursue an MBA and an SM in Mechanical Engineering in the Leaders for Global Operations Program. She is also pursuing a sustainability certificate from the Sloan School of Management.  Her studies and future career are centered on bringing lasting change to reduce waste in industrial processes.

zach lamb
Zachary Lamb
Climate Change Resiliency Fellow

Zachary Lamb is a doctoral candidate in the City Design and Development group of the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT. He researches the role of design in the history of urban flood protection with a focus on the Bengal Delta and the Mississippi River Delta. His work bridges design, environmental policy, and the politics of disaster risk. 

Before his doctoral studies, Zach lived and worked in New Orleans, managing post-Hurricane Katrina redevelopment projects, teaching at the Tulane School of Architecture, and founding Crookedworks, a design-build practice whose work has been widely recognized and exhibited including at the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale.

Zach has a Master of Architecture degree from MIT and a bachelor’s degree in art and architectural history and environmental studies from Williams College. He has taught at MIT and Tulane University. His writing has been published widely including in the Natural Hazards Observer and the Dhaka Tribune as well as in leading academic journals including the Journal of Architectural Education and the Journal of Planning Education and Research.

louis liss
Louis Liss
Cambridge Community Innovation Fellow

Louis Liss is a first-year Master’s student in City Planning in Housing, Community and Economic Development in MIT’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning. Prior to MIT, he worked in municipal government in New York City and San Francisco. At the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, he worked in an external affairs capacity on street redesign projects; at New York City Economic Development Corporation, he was a project manager for maritime transportation and freight initiatives. 

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Urban Studies from Washington University in St. Louis. Louis grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and loves going on road trips.


Rachel Perlman
Sustainable Materials Management Fellow

Rachel joined the Office of Sustainability in September 2016. In her role, she is helping identify opportunities for MIT to reduce its environmental impact via reducing its materials footprint. Rachel is a PhD student within the MIT's Institute for Data, Systems, and Society. Her dissertation closely aligns with her work in the office; the project is being carried out as a collaboration between the Environmental Solutions Initiative (ESI) and the Office of Sustainability. For the project, she is studying material flows at MIT as a case study to understand better the fundamentals of material consumption and waste management of universities situated in a larger urban context. Rachel is dedicated to applying her work directly to decision-making to improve the material efficiency on campus.

Her research interests fall in the areas of sustainable waste management, industrial ecology, and urban sustainability. She completed her master’s degree in Technology and Policy (MIT) in 2015. She conducted her master’s research with Dr. Randolph Kirchain in the Materials Systems Lab. Her master’s thesis focused on the environmental, economic, and social implications of organic waste management systems in India.  As a Fellow within the Tata Center for Technology and Design, she traveled to India several times to collaborate with a waste-picker cooperative and to collect primary data.

Before MIT she worked for a year assessing the life cycle emissions of computers with a start-up company called Life Cycle Analytics.  She received her B.S. in Science of Natural and Environmental Systems from Cornell University in 2012.  At Cornell, she worked as the sustainability coordinator for Cornell Dining Services, leading efforts to increase composting rate, source food locally, prevent front-of-house food waste, and train staff on sustainable practices.  She also worked as a research assistant studying water quality, soil contaminants, and urban stormwater pollutants (the topic of her honor's thesis). 

Elizabeth Rider
Analytics and Visualization Fellow

Elizabeth joined the Office of Sustainability in February 2017. In her role as Analytics and Visualization Fellow, she is responsible for coding open source programs to analyze and automate campus sustainability data flows. Additionally, she develops metrics, graphics, and web-based visualizations, and works with stakeholders to compile datasets to aid decision-making.

Elizabeth is a senior undergraduate in MIT's Department of Earth, Atmospheric, & Planetary Sciences. Her research interests include atmospheric chemistry, urban air quality, and sustainable environmental policy.

Frankie Schembri
Communications, Design, and Outreach Fellow

Frankie joined the Office of Sustainability in October 2016. In her role, she reports on a range of sustainability topics at MIT, from climate action to sustainable mobility, and conducts in-depth interviews with staff, faculty, and student researchers. She writes and edits articles on sustainability issues for print and web-based media. Frankie also creates written and visual content to support MITOS’ official website, and helps to manage the Office’s social media strategy. 

Before joining the Office, Frankie worked as an undergraduate researcher in MIT’s Device Research Laboratory in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. She also spent a year as a Communications Assistant at the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at the Harvard Kennedy School, where she reported on the intersection of technology and governance.

Frankie is a senior at MIT pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Science Writing. Upon graduating, she plans to pursue a Master’s of Science in the same field, with the goal of working professionally as a science journalist. Her undergraduate work has focused on leveraging multimedia and online media for more immersive and effective reporting on topics in science and technology.